Home Digital Systems - Book by RA Calaz

Endorsed by the CAI

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Home Digital Systems - Book by RA Calaz

Endorsed by the CAI

The ultimate reference book for answering those questions you always wanted an answer too and much more!

This publication, endorsed by the CAI, details in 500 pages how to design and install TV and data systems in a domestic environment.

Suitable for installers and as a reference manual for experienced engineers. With more than 750 drawings and photos, it explains how audio, video and data signals can be processed for distribution throughout homes and multi-dwelling units.

Part 1 - Fundamentals of Electricity
Part 2 - Digital Television
Part 3 - Digital TV Displays
Part 4 - TV Modulation Techniques
Part 5 - UHF TV Broadcasting and Reception
Part 6 - Radio and TV Aerial Installations
Part 7 - UHF TV Signal Distribution
Part 8 - Satellite TV Reception
Part 9 - Satellite TV Distribution
Part 10 - Satellite IF Networking Planning
Part 11 - Test Equipment for TV and Satellite Reception
Part 12 - Fibre Optics
Part 13 - The Distribution of Voice and Data
Part 14 - Digital Home Technologies
Part 15 - Structured Cable Networks
Part 16 - VSAT Systems
Part 17 - Appendices and Glossary of Terms

Bob Calaz is an acknowledged expert in the field of TV, satellite and multimedia installations having been a chartered electrical engineer for more than 40 years. For 26 of those years, he was with the Rediffusion group of companies, including a secondment to South Africa for 15 years as chief engineer of Rediffusion South Africa. He was a member of a government committee set up to define the technical standards for TV systems in multi-dwelling units, and was responsible for the design and installation of a 200 channel TV distribution system for the headquarters of the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Returning home to the in UK 1985, he founded Race Communications Ltd (based in Berkshire) to service the growing TV industry. He has since conducted many technical training courses for commercial and military personnel.

Bob has presented numerous technical articles and papers throughout the world and has been regularly in demand as an advisor to a variety of commercial, industry and governmental bodies.

This publication is intended to provide information regarding the installation of digital systems in a residential environment. Every effort has been made to make it as complete and as accurate as possible, but no warranty of fitness is implied. The author shall have no responsibility with respect to loss or damage arising from the information contained in this document.

Corrections and comments should be directed to bob@calaz.com

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