HDL High Performance Relay Module 12CH 10A

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HDL High Performance Relay Module 12CH 10A

*Special Order! NCNR - Check Lead Time*

The HDL-MR1210.433 relay module can supply 12 channels with a current of 10A. This module is able to support diversified devices, and can be applied in to any solution which requires switching control.

Zero power consumption:
Using a high performance magnetic launching relay the HDL-MR1210.433 does not consume any power in standby mode, and when the module is triggered it only uses a momentary DC Pulse.

Each of the 12 channels that the module outputs to support 10A. Due to the inclusion of a 16A magnetic relay, the module has a guaranteed stable performance, and lower maintenance requirements. This built in redundancy ensures the module has a long and efficient service life.

Multiple loads:
Thanks to the built in 16A magnetic relay, the module can handle a 500A current surge. This enables the module to switch multiple loads from a wide range of sources. From lighting, heating, motors, transformers, valves and power sockets, this module unifies and streamlines control into one simple to install and operate package.

Power on protection:
All of the modules 12 channels feature a power on protection delay time; this delay time is adjustable from 0-60 minutes. This delay protection safeguards lights that are connected to the module providing a hassle free service and a maximized life expectancy.

Network protection:
In order to protect the power network the HDL-MR1210.433, has a delay time from 0-25 seconds. This ensures that the danger posed to the power network by current surges when multiple devices are turned on is negated.

- 12-channel relay output unit
- Scene controller function available
- Up to 12 separate area
- Each area has 24 scenes with maximum running time of 60 minutes
- Each channel has light protection delay (0-60 minutes)
- Each channel has batch turn-on delay (0-25 seconds)
- Each channel has manual control for relay unit
- You can select specified scene or scene before power off when the device restarts
- Supports easy programming and HDL Buspro online upgrading
- Communication: HDL Buspro

Electrical Parameters:
- Working power: DC15~30V
- Static power consumption: 15mA/DC24V
- Dynamic power consumption: 40mA/DC24V
- Output channel: 12CH/10A
- Relay: 16A Magnetic latching relay
- Max current in each channel: 10A
- Electronic life time of relay: >60000 (Resistance Load)
- Protection: Connect a breaker in each channel

- CE
- RoHS

Product Information:
- Dimensions: 216�90�66 (mm)
- Weight: 645.5(g)
- Housing material: Nylon, PC
- Installation: 35mm DIN rail installation

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