AJAX Wireless Relay Switch - Black

2 Year Warranty

SKU: 11035 (B)

AJAX Wireless Relay Switch - Black

2 Year Warranty

A radio channel controller which allows you to control low current equipment. It is used to switch on/off appliances such as garage gates, electric locks, and restarting modems/routers. The device switches off automatically during overcurrent, voltage surge and overheating. It also provides information on energy consumption which is available in the mobile application.

- Operates from 7-24 V DC voltage sources
- Rated for 200,000 switch ons
- Maximum load of 5A at 36V DC / 13A at 230V AC
- Installed into electric switchboard or junction box


Classification: Radio channel relay unit
Installation method: Into electric switchboard/junction box
Compatibility: Operates with Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2, and ReX
Actuating element: Electromagnetic relay
Voltage protection: Min: 6.5V / Max: 36.5 V
Relay service life: 200,000 switch-ons
Maximum load current: 5A at 36V DC, 13A at 230V AC
Maximum temperature protection: 65°C at the place of installation
Alarm signal delivery time: 0.15s
Energy consumption parameter check: Voltage
Alarm signal delivery time: 0.15s
Jeweller radio technology: Communication range with central unit: up to 1,000 m in an open space / Two-way communication between devices / Operating frequencies: 868.0 - 868.6 MHz / Self-adjusting RF output power: up to 25mW / Block encryption based on AES algorithm / Device polling period: 12−300 s
Power supply: 7-24 V (DC only)
Permissible humidity: Up to 75%
Operating temperature range: 0°С to +64°С
Anti-sabotage: Protection against fraud / Jamming detection
Dimensions: 39mm х 33mm × 18mm
Weight: 30g
Certification: CE, IP20

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