Introduction to Rithum


Rithum Switch is a smart home control panel that replaces and combines a light switch, lighting keypad, audio keypad, and thermostat. From its touch screen interface, users can control their lighting, audio and climate in a simple, easy manner. And it's a thermostat too!

This introductory webinar will give a flavour of what Rithum offers, the problems it solves and the benefits for both installers and end-users.

Who should attend

Any installers wanting to offer a simple audio/lighting/climate control solution for their clients, or installers of any of our existing integrations: Lutron RA2 Select, Sonos, Blustream, Rako, BluOS, HDAnywhere, and more.

This webinar will run through an overview of Rithum, wrapping up with a Q&A.

Topics covered:

  • Decentralised Control
  • Switch & System Overview
  • Scenes Screen
  • HTTPviaSD
  • Media Screen
  • Climate Screen
  • Rithum Stat
  • Standby Gestures
  • Accessories
  • Plugins
  • Q&A


Ryan Ovens

Founder & CEO, Rithum

Ronan McTernan

CI Sales Executive, Alltrade

Lee Harding

CI Technical Director, Alltrade

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