Ligowave Wireless Bridge Overview


This online introductory session will give an attendee the chance to see what the Ligowave wireless range of bridge devices offers. They will also get familiar with the various bridge units and what their differences are.

Who should attend

This session is ideal for any installer that wishes to offer a Wireless Bridge solution to their customer base or anyone that has fitted Bridges before but would like a refresher just in case they’ve missed something along the way. 

Topics Covered

  • Point to Point (Ptp) and Point to Multi-Point (PtMP) explained
  • Outdoor IP ratings and why they are important
  • 5Ghz Link Comparisons and beamwidth selection
  • Point to Point bridge bandwidths and why bigger is better
  • iPoll 3: Enhanced Performance Protocol and why this helps with video footage from CCTV cameras
  • Line of sight and a quick explanation of the Fresnel Zone


The overview will give attendees the chance to make an informed choice when selecting their bridge equipment referencing the items below:

  • Ptp or PtMP
  • Bandwidth and what’s being connected on the other end
  • Beamwidth and how it will affect your station positionings


Mark Bartlett

Technical Sales Manager for CI, Alltrade

Mark’s career path started some 37 years ago within the TV  Aerial & Satellite installation industry. 

Over a decade ago, Mark decided to re-skill and studied Information & Communication Technologies to degree level with the Open University. His more down to earth real world approach gives him a unique insight into the Automation, I.T. & AV product ranges available at Alltrade.

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