SYSTEMLINE Local Input Module (LIM)

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SYSTEMLINE Local Input Module (LIM)

*Special Order! NCNR - Check Lead Time*

TV / Local audio integration

A key feature of S7 is the ability to connect the audio output of a TV in any room in the home and seamlessly switch between music and TV sound, thus eliminating the need for intrusive soundbars.

The Local Input Module (LIM)

The LIM is designed to auto switch the Systemline system on when it detects a digital audio signal from compatible TV's*. This means that the action of switching on a TV will automatically feed the TV sound through the Systemline Hi-Fi speaker system. Likewise, it will switch off when the TV is switched off.

The LIM will even automatically switch from Systemline music to TV sound, and vice-versa once the TV is switched off.

A further bonus, is that both Sky & Virgin remotes can be used to directly control the volume & on/standby functions of the S7 system, so there is no need to use any other handset or mobile device when opperating the TV and using S7 as an 'invisible' soundbar.

This makes the whole experience as seamless and as simple as can be.

In instances where there is no requirement for TV sound connectivity, the LIM can be used to directly connect a local audio device such as an iPod/MP3 player.

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