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*Special Order! NCNR - Check Lead Time*

In the age of wireless control, it is easy to overlook the massive benefits of an in-wall hard button or touch screen keypad. The two major advantages, are that unlike mobile device, they are always there. Furthermore, any required action is both simple and instant. No need to find your mobile device, enter the pass code and fire up the App. This is particularly useful in locations such as bedrooms and kitchens where there is a desire to avoid clutter and there is a the need to be able to quickly switch something on or off, or change the volume.

The KPS11 hard button keypad is the most convenient way to quickly, easily control your S7 system. Simply walk in to a room and press a button to listen to your favourite radio station of music playlists. You can also puase and skip tracks as well as controlling the rooom volume

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