DEMOPAD Home Automation Control Processor

(Enables ability to create a completely
customisable touch screen control system!)
Discontinued available whilst stocks last!


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DEMOPAD Home Automation Control Processor

(Enables ability to create a completely
customisable touch screen control system!)
Discontinued available whilst stocks last!


The DemoPad Centro 8 processor delivers unrivalled levels of control and automation within any installation environment.

The CENTRO 8 is a powerful automation processor enabling an integration partner the ability to create a completely customised touchscreen control system. Utilising advanced embedded software, and programmable using DemoPad Professional Software, the CENTRO 8 processor can become the heartbeat of any complex installation. The CENTRO 8 processor incorporates an array of connectivity ports for the integration of IR, RS-232, Contact Closures, VF Relays, HDMI, USB, Audio, and LAN. DemoPad software projects can be seamlessly paired with the CENTRO 8 to deliver the ultimate integration tool for professionals committed to delivering world class control solutions.

Powerful IP Networking Capabilities:
Connect up to 20 simultaneous client devices (iOS/Android), and communicate with many more control devices and sensors throughout the network

Astronomically-Aware Timer Events:
Offering complete automated and timed control of all devices and sensors on the network. e.g. Turn lights on 25 minutes before sunset or set different mood lighting in a commercial environment for different times of day.

Centrally Stored System Variables:
Program notification feeds. e.g. When one user turns a zone on or triggers a relay, other DemoPad users on the network (or remotely) can be notified.

Programmable Audio Output:
Program custom sounds to output from the CENTRO 8. This can include a custom doorbell or security alert that plays through an audio system or playing a sound during timed events such as closing time in a bar or restaurant.

Programmable HDMI Output:
The CENTRO 8 is also a powerful digital signage player. Use the HDMI output to display web content, images or videos, all of which can be accessed, scheduled and uploaded remotely.

Built-in Web Server:
Store the DemoPad project on the CENTRO 8 and allow communication with any device on the same network with a web browser.

AdvancedMacros: Utilise the powerful macro functions of DemoPad. Advanced feedback logic can be integrated to trigger all kinds of macro functionality throughout an installation.

Upgrade in the field: New features of the software are becoming available all the time. Retain clients after installation and up sell new advanced features.

Input/Output Structure:
16 x individually addressable Infra-Red output ports
4 x individually addressable bi-directional RS232 COM ports
4 x low voltage contact closure relay outputs
8 x volt-free digital inputs (for connecting PIR sensors etc)
1 x Audio output (for playing custom sound files)
1 x HDMI output (for custom digital signage content, including photo frame functionality)
2 x USB ports (for future expansion / storage)
1 x Ethernet LAN port

It represents a quantum leap in affordable automation. The affordable control processor combined with the state of the art professional software enable the DemoPad platform to be integrated by partners throughout the residential and commercial installation markets. The CENTRO 8 is set to become the heartbeat of any control system by delivering powerful control of networked devices and seamless automation through advanced feedback logic. The only limitation really is your imagination.

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