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Some essential engineering work on the Whitehawk Hill Transmitter affecting viewers between the 21st September and 12th October 2017

At some points during this work, the transmitter will need to be shut down. At these times viewers will have difficulty receiving TV services.

The times that the transmitter will be shut down are weather dependent.

The BBC recommend not retuning TV's during this period of essential engineering.

Services affected:


Sometime between 09:00-17:00hrs there will be three shutdowns for up to 3 hours over two days.

A new main antenna is being installed to prepare for 700 MHz clearance at the transmitter and viewers will experience temporary disruption while this takes place. Some may need to retune if they find they are missing channels once work is complete.

Any further help should be requested via the Freeview Advice Line on 0808 100 0288.

To ensure good coverage of PSB services when the new antenna is in place a new, small secondary filler antenna will broadcast duplicates of these until clearance itself. Anyone who finds they are missing PSB services after the work should be able to tune into these to restore them. Channel Info for reference:

Normal PSB UHF channels
BBC A 60
D3&4 53
BBC B 51

Additional PSB UHF channels after the work
BBC A 32
D3&4 35
BBC B 36

All frequencies will be reflected in the DUK coverage checker going forward.