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DemoPad is a revolutionary software solution that allows you to simply and quickly develop an a­ffordable, customised touchscreen control system without the high costs traditionally associated with advanced control systems. DemoPad is the fastest and most aff­ordable way to integrate and control audio, video, lighting, heating, cooling and security system’s directly from your PC, tablet or smart phone device.

One of the most important features of a successful and usable home or commercial control system is an easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface). Ease of operation and bespoke graphics make the difference between a standard installation and a world-class control experience. To deliver these impressive interfaces, most control systems require a significant level of computer coding completed by expensive software engineers. This is what makes DemoPad di­fferent.

The CENTRO 8 processor from DemoPad provides the perfect integrated hardware solution to complement the software. With the CENTRO 8 processor you can open up powerful new features such as astronomically timed events, advanced macro’s, web server control, HDMI output and remote access. DemoPad has the unique ability to control and automate potentially hundreds of sensors and devices within any installation environment.

It’s easy to get started working with DemoPad regardless of how much experience you have working with control systems. Through our training courses and support services, installers at all levels will be able to confidently specify and install seamless control and automation systems into any building environment. During the one day training course you will learn how to navigate the software program, design a unique user interface and integrate 3rd party control drivers. Further advanced courses and specification and programming services are also available, providing support at every stage of the DemoPad experience.

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